The 20th International Conference on Low Temperature Detectors (LTD20)
Presentation Code : T-2-7
Presentation Schedule: : July 25, 12:20 ~ 12:35

Searching For Axions And High-Frequency Gravitational Waves With ABRACADABRA-10cm

Kaliroe Pappas1
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

ABRACADABRA-10cm has had great success as a lumped-element axion pathfinder experiment. Now, using the electromagnetic dynamics of gravitational waves and a simple change of pickup structures, we are able to use the ABRACADABRA detector to search for high-frequency gravitational wave in the kHz to MHz range. Gravitation wave searches have been mainly focused on the nHz to kHz frequency range, corresponding to known astrophysical objects. We focus our search instead on higher frequencies which may indicate signs of in-spiraling primordial black holes, or other beyond the standard model phenomena. I will present on the design and first data from the ABRACADABRA-10cm high-frequency gravitational wave search.

• Presentation Preference : Oral
• Topic : D. Applications
- 08. Axions, ALPs, Wave dark matter
• Corresponding Author : Kaliroe Pappas (MIT)
• Presenter : Kaliroe Pappas (MIT)