The 20th International Conference on Low Temperature Detectors (LTD20)
Presentation Code : T-2-1
Presentation Schedule: : July 25, 10:30 ~ 10:45

Sub-GeV Dark Matter Searches with EDELWEISS: Development of new single charge sensor with CRYOSEL.

Hugues Lattaud1
1CNRS, France

The Edelweiss collaboration performs light Dark Matter (DM) particles searches with germanium bolometer collecting
charge and phonon signals using aluminum electrodes and Ge-NTD sensors, respectively.
To mitigate the impact of the large background of events that does not produce ionization signal ("Heat only" events) on
the sensitivity of EDELWEISS detector, the collaboration is developing a Superconducting Single Electron device (SSED) in the context of the CRYOSEL project.
The SSED act as a veto to identify events associated with charges, and thus can help to reject HO events.   CRYOSEL aims to combine the operation of an SSED with the high-resolution phonon signal from a Ge-NTD sensor coupled to a 40g germanium bolometer operated at high biases in order to benefit from the Neganov-Trofimov-Luke amplification of the phonon signal. First results of CRYOSEL prototype detector have shown the viability of the concept, thus paving the way toward Sub-GeV Dark Matter searches.

• Presentation Preference : Oral
• Topic : A. Detector Physics & Technologies
- 07. Thermistors
• Corresponding Author : Hugues Lattaud (CNRS)
• Presenter : Hugues Lattaud (CNRS)